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In this day and age, whereby graduation functions are almost a daily occurence, it's no longer a task to justify the need for people, especially fresh high school leavers, graduates and retirees as well, to undertake Self-Employment, thus becoming job-creators rather than job-seekers

Unfortunately this bitter reality is what our society is still grappling with! The government, NGOs and a number of other institutions are now actively engaged in imparting knowledge and skills to potential beneficiaries of this drive. However, despite such concerted efforts for change of attitude, the academically educated fellows have not reciprocated accordingly. They still regard self-employment as a casual or sheer unemployment altogether!

Many of them, including those who have done technical subjects, entrepreneurship or business courses in general are roaming the streets in a desperate search of "generous employers" or worse still, a "foreign messiah" to rescue them!

Surprisingly, the employers usually turn out to be Self-Made Entrepreneurs, who were formerly looked at as school drop-outs or even uneducated at all! This therefore poses a fundamental question as to what remains to be the missing-link in the entrepreneurship and personal development equation. Surely it takes a lot of courage (the Will-Power) to become an entrepreneur especially when starting from scratch! Business courses as offered in schools and higher institutions today are just another batch of academic subjects.

Students are taught in details what ideally business is all about (i.e. the know-how) but they are not necessarily aroused enough to love doing business. They remain doubtful and fearful to undertake any venture! Needless to say that basically the best way to learn doing business is to set up one.

Incidentally, even sponsored charitable organisations and most salary earners too need to generate some side income!

The Way Forward

That is where the SELF-DISCOVERY INITIATIVE comes in handy, as a landmark Bridge Model, supplementing the existing conventional models, to make our education more comprehensive.

It is based on a provocative / inspiration approach (creation of burning anxiety within oneself due to a compelling reason i.e. the strong why) as underscored in the words of one scholar namely Galileo. I cannot teach anybody abything, I can only make them find it within themselves."

That basic philosophy is what you will fully explore upon reading F.X.G. LUYERA's Self-Discovery Handbooks and during his down-to-earth inspirational Self-Discovery Talks, Seminars and Workshops. Remember, "You are a more powerful creative being than you could have ever imagined possible"' ~ Melaine Evans "What you truly are might be what you are yet to find". Come on! Get on the bandwagon before it is too late!

Francis X. Luyera FRANCIS X.G. LUYERA
is a protagonist of Self-Discovery and the CEO of Easy To Grasp And Apply Solutions. Read whole profile...
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